Removing Adware

The more often you find yourself using a computer, the more susceptible your computer will be to adware and other similar problems. Even a secure computer and a more secure browser cannot completely protect you from adware popping up on your computer over time.

What many people are unaware of, however, is the fact that removing adware is a simple process that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. In other words, there is absolutely no logical reason for you to take your computer in to a repair shop when you can do the work yourself with only a small amount of know how.

Technicians charge ridiculous fees to remove adware and spyware.

The truth is, they are simply running a scan using a piece of software. The adware removal is completed automatically and the technician does not need to do anything. Yet they are charging exorbitant fees for something that you can be doing at home with no assistance.

Why pay $169 to $299 for removing adware at Geeksquad when you can download the necessary tools yourself? The same tools that the technicians are using are available to you!

There are numerous popular tools for adware and spyware removal, including Adaware, NoAdWare and NetCom3 just to name a few. These same utilities can be acquired by the public, meaning that they are available to you.

AdAware has a free version, for example, which runs very well and is extremely user friendly, meaning you can do just as good a job of removing adware and spyware as the professionals without all of the cost! A free version of Adaware can be obtained at

Some professionals may recommend reinstalling your operating system without ever looking at your machine. Some technicians may decide that less troubleshooting work is necessary if you simply reinstall your operating system. Unfortunately, this means losing all of your files and data just for a little less effort. Removing adware and spyware using one of the aforementioned utilities may take a little more time and effort, but it leaves your files intact.

Real time scanners can prevent adware and spyware from appearing on your computer. Removing adware and spyware is helpful, but you can prevent it from ever occurring as well. Using a real time scanning utility like NoAdware or Netcom3 will allow you to prevent adware from ever finding its way into your system, which is the most advantageous way to keep adware from clogging your computer up or putting it at risk for viruses and other spyware.

You can obtain Netcom3 at and NoAdware can be obtained at

Removing adware, spyware and other malware from your computer is not impossible. With a little bit of know how and the right utility, you can accomplish just as much as the overpriced technicians in your local computer repair shop. Removing adware from your computer as it occurs is vital, because it keeps junk off your computer and allows your computer to run in good shape.